Fall/Winter Workshops!

August 6th: Balboa Slow Jams (Beg/Int)

Adam and Abigail will be offering a workshop of Balboa Slow Jams instruction at the Lindy Lab in Durham. The material is designed to reinforce the fundamentals while expanding vocabulary and practical skills.

Description: Balboa and Bal-Swing, originating in southern California in the 1930s was danced to all tempos of jazz music. In this workshop we will explore some of the techniques used by the original dancers at the Rendezvous Ballroom as well as how practiced control over the basic angular momentum and stretch in Bal-Swing can be incorporated into other styles of dance. We will be specifically playing with and exploring how slower tempos change the shape and options of patterns in the dance.

Note: We encourage all types of dancers — from Blues, Shag, Swing, Salsa, Contra, to Tango–to join us and share in the similarities and differences of styles!  This is an all-levels/intermediate workshop, but experience in some partner dancing is recommended.

TSDS Dance: Chelsea Reed and the Fairweather Five

September 10th: Lindy Hop Boot Camp (Int/Adv)

Adam and Abigail will be offering a four hour Lindy Hop Bootcamp designed for dancers with lindy hop experience interested in refining their fundamentals and expanding their knowledge.

Description: Using multimedia examples during this workshop, we will take an individual and historical perspective as we focus on the fundamental options of movement and styling specific to Lindy Hop. The Swing-Out, the original basic movement of Lindy Hop, is a movement that one refines over a lifetime, and this workshop will help you on your way to your 10,000 hrs experience.  We’ll work on how to develop your own style and build partnerships through creative and narrative games.

TSDS Dance: Michael Gamble and the Rhythm Serenaders

October 22nd: Tour of Partnered Charleston (All Levels)

Description: One of the first partner dances done to early Jazz music in the 1920s, The Charleston took on many forms throughout the Swing Era. This workshop will recapitulate the Charleston’s journey from a face to face closed position dance to some of the more complex and thrilling movements used today. The workshops will be accessable for students who don’t know Charleston but will progress to more challenging material throughout the day.

TSDS Dance: Mint Julep Jazz Band

November 19th: Fantastic, Fierce Following (All Levels)

The incomparable Abigail Browning will teach a workshop geared towards both technical and practical skills for followers. This workshop is geared towards both seasoned followers looking to refine their skills as well people new to the follow role.

Description: To be a great follower you must challenge yourself to refine and practice a set of dynamic skill sets. The ability to express yourself and be in control and aware of your own body movement is paramount, while still working on the ability to listen and interpret each new song and partner in turn. In order to work on these skills Abigail focuses on solo drills designed to reinforce common movements for Swing dance followers while at the same time fostering creativity and variation. All genders and levels encouraged!

TSDS Dance: Ethan Uslan