Meet Abigail and Adam

Abigail Browning

Photo by Andrey Popov

Beginning in 1998, Abigail Browning fell in love with the grace and athleticism of swing dancing, and has pursued the art and history of Lindy Hop, Balboa, and Charleston ever since. With an upbringing in classical piano, she dances to express the intricacies and joy of jazz as an art form. A poet with an MFA in Creative Writing, Abigail enjoys using metaphors as she teaches. She fosters creativity and musicality for follows and leads through technique, and emphasizes body control through isolation, repetition, and balance while having fun and understanding the historical background of the dance.

In addition to teaching, Abigail opened Vintage Rhythm Dance Studio in Nashville, TN in 2006 where she organized events through 2008. As part of the Washington, DC Lindy Exchange Board, she helped build one of the most exciting celebrations in 2011 with the 10th anniversary, featuring a full sold-out orchestra battle in the beautiful Glen Echo Ballroom.  Similarly, Ms. Browning has worked with ILHC (the International Lindy Hop Championships) as their Marketing Director, developing strategies to help produce a sell-out crowd of 700+ participants in 2011.

As well as teaching and organizing, Abigail is a passionate DJ, having spun at weekly dances and at national events from Lindy Focus in Asheville, North Carolina to Herrang Dance Camp in Sweden. She has since taught and DJed in Washington, DC at The Jam Cellar, and now lives and teaches locally in North Carolina.

Aba loves performing and has co-founded two all-female troupes; her former DC Cherry Blossoms (while she lived in Washington, DC) and The Carolina Fascinators (based in Raleigh/Durham, NC). She is pursuing her PhD in Communication, Rhetoric, and Digital Media Studies at NC State University.

Adam Speen

Photo by Andrey Popov

Adam strives to provide a unique perspective combining classic swing dance technique with a modern ideology. Partnership and playfulness are the focus for Adam on the dance floor, creating a “yes and” environment for his partners and himself. He brings the same positive environment to the classroom where conditioning drills, visual media, and demonstrations by students are commonplace.

Adam loves having the opportunity to travel and teach so many amazing students but you will find him his happiest on the social dance floor. When not dancing, Adam is pursuing a doctorate in Toxicology at UNC.